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Professional Tattooing in the heart of Virginia

Specializing in a variety of artistic styles for over 20 years
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Tattooing is more than just being able to draw well. A core element in great tattoo design is communication, and Germ has been effectively communicating with tattoo clients to create masterpieces since the very first day of his apprenticeship!

Custom Tattoo/Drawing Rates:

$100 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Tattooing Excellence

Meet ourĀ  Body Artist

Right now our shop is very small, and we have one artist to fill that space until we grow more!

Jeremy "Germ" Howard

Germ has been professionally tattooing and piercing for over 20 years. He enjoys tattooing images inspired by nature, and creatively piercing all things on ears.

Tattooing in the heart of Virginia


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